Latada Aged 18 Years

Unusual for a Speyside malt, the BenRiach Latada is distilled from peated malted barley. The whisky has been matured in American oak casks, then finished in Madeira casks. ‘Latada’ is the name of the traditional trellised vine system on the island of Madeira where the vines are laid out horizontally above the ground on low trellises. Bottled at natural colour and non chill filtered.

46% ABV

Tasting Notes


Torrents of campfire peat smoke infuse heather honey and ripe pear. Hint of cantaloupe and candied citrus add to a luscious, crisp balance.


Rich antique gold.


A mouth-watering sweet peat character floods through delicious ripe fruit syrup. Dried apricots combine with warm oak spices and gently citrus zest, giving a contrasting depth to the long finish.